40 years weaving by your side

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A year full of projects, new designs and collections, investments in machinery and technology is coming to an end. A very important year for vertisol, as we celebrate 40 years doing what we love the most, weaving.

That’s why we want to make a review of what have been all these years, remembering those marked by the industry, by us and above all, by you.

Composición de paneles acústicos bloc anclados a la pared, y paneles acústicos geométricos en forma de triángulo y pentágono encima de una mesa de reunión
Tejidos vertisol certificados Cradle to Cradle
Placas solares en el techo la nave industrial de vertifil en Moraña, Pontevedra


vertisol is born
In 1982 the company Vertisol Internacional SRL was born, under the activity of manufacturing fabrics for vertical curtains. An innovative company was born where its origins were already marked by globalization. Since its beginnings, vertisol has been exporting its products and today is present in more than 70 countries.
The Itaca fabric was vertisol's first product. This collection has been manufactured from 100% PES, free of halogens and formaldehyde, from the very first day until today.


First award in design
In its early years, vertisol already won design awards. Specifically, in 1986, it received the award for best design for vertical blinds at the Atlanta (USA) sun protection trade fair awarded by the Window Covering Association, thanks to the Jacquard designs in vertical blinds. A year later, in 1987, the company began manufacturing roller blind fabrics.


In 1991, fabrics made of PVC-coated polyester yarns were introduced to obtain high-strength fabrics with a screen appearance. In addition, screen fabrics are manufactured using a responsible water system that allows optimum utilization of this natural resource through a closed circuit.


Vertifil Industrial
In 2004, vertisol opened a new production plant in Moraña, Galicia. Vertifil Industrial gives its name to one of the most technologically advanced technical textile companies in Europe. One of the few in the world capable of completing the manufacturing process of high-tenacity polyester yarns and fabrics with vinyl coatings. On its 25th anniversary, in 2007, the vertisol group inaugurated this new production plant.


The main focus of our operations is continuous product improvement, anticipating market needs. In 2010, vertisol developed new lines of business with the creation of the Fitnice brand (now vertisolfloor and vertisolwall). A brand of woven vinyl coverings to be applied to both floors and walls.


Recycled fabrics
Promoting environmental protection, preventing and reducing as much as possible the environmental impacts of our activities is part of our values. In 2011 we created the Planet FR fabric, the first collection 100% recycled from PET bottles where 1 m2 is equivalent to 6 bottles.


vertisol's values as a company consider, among others, customer satisfaction and people's health. In 2016, Lessen acoustic panels were born. A product that improves the acoustic quality of the space by absorbing sound and finding that acoustic comfort so necessary for people's health.


Cradle to Cradle
In 2017, the range of 100% recycled products was expanded with EcoPlanet FR and EcoPlanet FR SRC. These are also made from recycled PET. And two years later, in 2019, we detected the need to go one step further in recycled fabrics. We introduced the new Pledge FR fabric, made from renewable sources, PLA (polylactic acid) and a significant amount of recycled PET.


Innovation Award
The company vertisol, in 2019, was awarded by the Cotton Textile Foundation (AITPA) with the Innovative Textile Company Award.


vertisol commitment
Recently, in 2021, we installed more than 600 solar panels at our Moraña and Granollers plants with the aim of helping to combat climate change.


Investment in machinery and new products
This 2022, in addition to celebrating our 40th anniversary, we continue our commitment to the environment and people's health, with the aim of continuing to innovate and improve our products and processes. In this sense, in our Granollers plant we have installed the new Icomatex IC8 stenter which, in addition to improving our blackout fabrics, will provide us with great energy savings. We have launched two new collections: vertisol contract fabrics, and Tessitura, the new range of colors for the vertisolfloor collections.

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