Advantages of Polyscreen Vertical Blinds

Existen distintos tipos de cortina, según las necesidades de la estancia y de sus ocupantes: enrollables, de panel, plisadas, verticales… ¿Cuáles son las más indicadas para tu proyecto? En Vertisol fabricamos tejido para los distintos tipos de cortina que puedas necesitar. En este artículo te contamos cuáles son las ventajas de las cortinas verticales.

There are several types of blinds, depending on the needs of the room and its occupants: roller blinds, panel blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds… What are the most suitable for your project? At Vertisol we manufacture fabric for the different types of blinds you may need. In this article we tell you what are the advantages of vertical blinds.


  • Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for large windows, as they reduce the effect generated by excessive light and heat.
  • They work especially well for large glass windows and sliding doors, such as terrace doors, creating an interesting aesthetic design.
  • They are the best system to control and regulate the entry of sunlight. They allow, not only to fully draw the blinds, but the slats can also be opened and closed to allow as much light or sight as needed.
  • Easy to replace: if the vertical blinds are damaged for any reason, it is not necessary to change all the slats, only the faulty ones.
  • Polyscreen fabric for vertical blinds hangs perfectly straight, even in tall windows.
  • The vertical lines give a greater effect of height to the room.
  • Available in different widths (89mm and 127mm).
  • Easy cleaning. 

Why Choosing Polyscreen for your Vertical Blinds?

The fabrics of the Polyscreen range, from Vertisol, have been designed to offer the highest resistance and protection for both the Contract sector and for residential use. They are fabrics designed to preserve the architectural identity of buildings, are durable and recyclable, and meet the most demanding fire regulations. Thanks to their composition, they are fabrics that do not contain components such as phthalates or fiberglass.

Polyscreen fabrics are made of high-tenacity polyester yarn coated with PVC. They offer different levels of transparency and fabric patterns in the same color for optimal light and energy control for every façade orientation. They also contribute to obtaining credits for sustainable building programs such as LEED or BREAM.

Some advantages of Polyscreen fabrics are:

  • They contribute to improve air quality. Greenguard Gold certified.
  • Phthalate free.
  • The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Polyscreen fabrics is available. It provides information on the environmental data of the life cycle of a product or service, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025.
  • They meet the most demanding fire regulations.
  • Most Polyscreen fabrics are IMO certified, which guarantees that it is a product suitable for nautical applications.
  • Polyscreen Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

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