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Antibacterial Fabrics: Taking Care of Everyone’s Health

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Protection and well-being at home is essential, as well as in workspaces, health centers and other places where we spend our time. Microorganisms and bacteria are present in our daily lives in our clothes, objects around us, and even in our blinds. This is why it is important to have antibacterial fabrics that protect the environment and our well-being. And this is something that we know how to do it at Vertisol, and something we have always been working to. 

Why Antibacterial Fabrics?

Here are some of the advantages of using antibacterial fabrics:

  • They effectively prevent the growth and proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
  • They avoid diseases caused by this type of microorganisms.
  • They improve the indoor air quality .
  • The antimicrobial effect is maintained throughout the life cycle of the product, which in turn has a greater durability thanks to the fact that it prevents microorganisms from attacking the fibers of the tissue and thus prevents its elasticity and resistance from decreasing.
  • Protect fabrics from mold stains, discoloration, and deterioration.
  • They avoid unpleasan odours.

Imagine BO, fabric treated with Sanitized

Imagine BO is the ideal fabric for environments where total darkness is required, as it filters up to 100% of natural light. Its use is intended for the manufacture of all types of blinds , especially for the most demanding environments in terms of hygiene, such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, or other public spaces. Its antibacterial properties inhibit the growth of fungi and other bacteria thanks to the fact that the fabric is treated with Sanitized.

The integrated Sanitized hygienic function safely and permanently protects the fabric against bacterial and fungal growth. In addition, the prevention against mold preserves the appearance and structure of the fabric, which helps to extend the life of the product.

Polyscreen, prevention against microbacterial growth

The fabrics of the Polyscreen range from Vertisol, have been designed to offer the highest resistance and protection for both the Contract market and a residential use. They are resistant technical fabrics for vertical, roller and panel blinds, which comply with the most demanding fire regulations.

In our commitment to health, and in order to improve the inoor air quality and the well-being of the occupants, Polyscreen fabrics are free of components such as phthalates or fiberglass, avoiding possible harmful effects such as allergies, asthma and other breathing problems, among other diseases.

Our goal is always to ensure the health and well-being of people, and this is why all our fabrics are treated with the aim of inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria, improving the comfort of the occupants of any space.

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