Acoustic panels

Paneles acústicos diseñados por Monica Armani
Acoustic panelsEventsvertisol
November 21, 2019

vertisol presents the acoustic panels TACET by Monica Armani

There's just one week left! Next Thursday, November 28, it will take place the presentation…
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Acoustic panels
March 26, 2019

vertisol Acoustic Panels, the way to acoustic comfort

Acoustic Absorption Class A Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.9 At vertisol we take care of noise reduction so you…
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Los paneles acústicos Tacet, diseñados por Monica Armani, están en varias formas y dimensiones. La imagen muestra cómo se adapta el tejido a cualquier borde.
Acoustic panels
October 31, 2018

Monica Armani meets vertisol, TACET is born

Architecture, design, manufacturing capacity and performance come together in this new product called silence space…
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Acoustic panelsvertisol
May 9, 2018

Acoustic panels vertisolacoustics – the way to acoustic comfort

vertisol includes its most recent development to its solutions catalogue. Acoustic panels vertisolacoustics are modular and modulated…
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