In the last decade, humanity has produced more plastic than the entire 20th century.
Consuming the Earth’s resources and contaminating forests, oceans, and cities.
We tend to hope our planet can heal by itself. But it can’t.

At vertisol, we feel it is our duty to embrace sustainability and help fight climate change

How can we be more efficient and environmentally friendly? The starting point is recycling plastics. We are committed to offer advanced textile solutions made from recycled materials and renewable resources.

Through research and innovation, we work to minimize our carbon footprint by using yarns made from recycled PET bottles. These fabrics have identical characteristics and performance to those produced from raw materials. Up to 6 thrown away bottles are enough to produce a m2 of one of our fabrics.

We also contribute to clean our oceans by collecting plastics from the depths of the sea. All this results in a product with a purpose. Our Cradle-to-Cradle certified fabrics comply with one of the strictest sustainability certifications that encourage product innovation based on circular economy.

Our fabrics are ideal for both residential and contract projects, and help to obtain LEED credits for sustainable building. Solutions that are both beneficial for people and the planet.
vertisol is also your sustainable fabric solution for architecture.

General Features

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