vertisol’s values

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A company’s values are the foundation for building the future. The values of vertisol have been the main axis of its activity in the 40 years since its foundation. To manufacture products is to commit to people and the planet to ensure a better, ethical, and aesthetic world. The vertisol manifesto is clear: we are manufacturers of the future.

Creativity in product design and development, innovation in materials and processes, customer satisfaction, and respect for the environment and people’s health. The future will be sustainable, or it will not be:

Product quality

vertisol is committed to 100% in-house manufacturing, starting from the formulation of the yarn itself and controlling the entire production process. Only in this way can we control and verify that the processes follow our quality standards. Standards that comply with strict European. We couldn’t do things any other way.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

At vertisol, we vertically integrate the design, manufacturing, and marketing processes. We reduce the carbon footprint by manufacturing all our products in our factories in Galicia and Catalonia.

Being a manufacturer of the future means continuously improving the product and anticipating the needs of the market. In that sense, vertisol is a pioneer company and its decisions support it. For example, for being the first manufacturer to remove compounds such as phthalates or antimony trioxide from its products. In the same way, it has an extensive range of products made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

Design and Innovation

Manufacturing the future is knowing that sustainability needs aesthetics to work. At vertisol, we are also designers.

We have always considered ourselves a company with one of the oldest trades in the world: weaving. However, after 40 years of manufacturing, tradition and experience has been growing thanks to innovation and the incorporation of new technologies. Always to improve our products and, therefore, the well-being of people. The DNA of vertisol is also to surround ourselves with the best designers and thus complement our identity, always linked to design and innovation.

The range of collaborations ranges from architects and interior designers to designers. The Italian architect and designer, Monica Armani, created the Tacet acoustic panel, a decorative panel with elegant shapes and large dimensions. The interior designer and industrial designer, Francesc Rifé, has expanded the use of vertisol fabric with a new proposal for tablecloths. In addition, he also selected colors with vertisol products to make offices, hotels, or other spaces more suggestive.

The Spanish multidisciplinary artist, Antonyo Marest, collaborated with vertisol to demonstrate the ability to customize through digital printing on our fabrics to coat the acoustic panels.

New designs and innovations have also come from collaborations with studios and design agencies. This is the case, on the one hand, of the Dutch studio RAW COLOR, which designed the decorative fabrics vertisol Hatching, Density, and Rows. A work that reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and color. And, on the other hand, the end-to-end product design agency, Odosdesign, created vertisol’s most awarded acoustic panel, Plec. Winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 and awarded in the IF Design Award 2021 and the ADI Awards Delta 2022.

Well-being for people

At vertisol, we seek to generate a positive impact on people’s well-being. We know that for this we must comply with all the above.

We eliminate components harmful to health. We are committed to manufacturing that generates a lower impact on the environment. In this respect, vertisol products contribute to obtaining the WELL certified, the first that measures its results based on people.

We are manufacturers. We are designers. We are responsible.

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