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Decorate any space with vertisolrugs

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Alfombra vinílica colección Wicker color Calm con el ribete de 1,5 de color Linen. Se muestra con una butaca encima.

vertisolrugs are a finished product developed from our vinyl flooring range. We create one more solution from the collections that already consolidate our floors. It’s the result of constant innovation in the use of new technologies.

The main characteristics of our vinyl rugs make them high performance rugs. They are able for both, outdoor and indoor use. On one hand, it is a fabric resistant to UV rays, ideal if you are looking for an outdoor vinyl rug. In addition, they are also flame-retardant rugs that prevent the propagation of flames. On the other hand, they prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and are easy to clean.

Alfombra vinílica exterior con agua encima, mostrando que se puede mojar.

vertisolrugs Wicker Dive. Grey Ribbon width 4.5 cm.

Rugs manufacturing itself allows us to offer our industry knowledge in a final product. In this way, we adapt to the shapes and designs according to the needs of our customers.

In our rug composer, we have a total of eight standard sizes. But we leave room for creativity, offering the possibility of requesting custom rugs up to two meters wide and twenty meters long.

Custom rugs

The vertisol rug composer is the tool that allows you to create custom rugs. Only one collection must be chosen: Chroma, Memphis, Panama, Wicker and Pobo.

Each of collections are available in multiple shades. In total, sixty colors can be found with different textures, width ribbons, and ribbon colors. That way, we keep opened the design possibilities for architecture and interior design professionals.

vertisolrugs are available in two forms: rectangular and circular. In the case of the rectangular ones, they can be customized with three trim widths: the 4.5 cm, the 2.5 cm, or even the frameless finish, without ribbon. Circulars are available with a rug ribbon width of 1.5 cm. In addition, we added the measures of 200 cm and 140 cm for round rugs.

In the vertisol rugs composer you will not be able to request your vinyl rug by the meter. However, you can contact us at or here for your custom vinyl rug.

Captura de pantalla del rugs composer de la web de

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