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Design your projects with vertisol composer

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At vertisol we offer textile solutions for architecture and interior design. For more than 40 years we have been manufacturing technical vinyl fabrics. We offer solutions for sun protection, floor and wall covering, upholstery, vinyl rugs, and acoustic panels.

The quality of our product is our priority. As well as the production process that we carry out entirely in our factories. We care so that manufacturing does not adversely affect people’s health or the environment.

But we know that sustainability needs aesthetics to work.

At vertisol we are also designers. We offer textile solutions with a large set of shapes and colors. We want architects and interior designers let loose their creativity. And get countless designs.

vertisol composer is the best tool for architecture and interior design professionals to create the designs for their projects. Our composer is available for custom vinyl flooring, vinyl rugs and acoustic panels.

Custom vinyl flooring

vertisolfloor composer allows you to select from four different forms of vinyl tiles: square, square and diamond, diamond, and plank. In addition, each vinyl tile has different canvas. Thus creating the vinyl floor on a canvas.

Wicker, Memphis, Chroma and Panama are the vertisolfloor collections available at the floor composer. Once finished, export to 2D or 3D to preview the flooring design.

create your vinyl flooring

Vinyl rugs: shape and design adapted to our customers’ needs

vertisolrugs vinyl rugs are a finished product suitable for both interior and exterior design. vertisol rug composer offers different designs and shapes adapted to the needs of our customers.

The shapes of vinyl rugs are rectangular and circular. Also in different sizes, and three ribbons available. In addition to the frameless option.

create your vinyl rug

Acoustic panels design the way you want

At vertisol we believe that acoustic comfort and interior design create more livable, healthy and efficient spaces. That is why we created vertisolacoustics, a design product with high technical performance. Acoustic panels are available in different systems: Bloc, Bloc Baffles, Tacet, designed by Monica Armani, and Plec, design by Odosdesign.

Each of them with different shapes and sizes. The collections available for acoustic panels are Essential, Ethereal, Memphis and Panama. The same for the wall covering solution. In addition,  they can also be configured with the Hatching and Density collections. Designed by the Dutch studio, RAW COLOR.

To finish the process, in the case of Bloc, Bloc Baffles and Tacet, choose the anchorage that best suits the project.

configure your acoustic panels

If you want to learn more about our products, request us for a catalogue at or visit our website

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