Antonyo Marest

Antonyo Marest, born and raised in Alicante, Spain in 1987, is an international multidisciplinary artist highly influenced by architecture, from which arises his predilection for abstraction and geometry. With references such as the Memphis movement, abstract expressionism or pop, Marest has created his own style based on texture, geometry and linear harmony.



Unique piece made up of 16 panels of different formats, and with a total size of 600x180cm in digital printing. It is the summary of the entire collection. Notes of trips and experiences are merged with pattern plots and are continuously developed approached by plant motifs that contrast and harmonize the canvases in an artistic format to endow this compositional piece with excellence, where the artist highlights the effective freedom when creating on different sizes, textures, models with a final record of a work of art.


Unique pieces in 90x70cm format in digital printing on vertisolacoustics panel, inspired by multiple trips to the most important cities within Art Deco where, as records based on photography and annotations in his travel notebook, he transfers these architectural, chromatic georeferences and formal to a destructuring on which to then reinterpret the origins that give soul to each of these symmetrical works.


4 designs in an open series, adaptable to any format, go through the transversality of concepts present in the inspiration of Antonyo Marest, The Battle of Jericho (music), Sao Paulo (symbols), Marest (living space) and Subway (identity).


4 designs in an open series, limited to a fixed format of 120 x 120cm (So Ready), 120 x 60cm (Above of me), 60 x 60cm (Pulse) and a 120øcm circular (Holy Love), in digital printing on vertisolacoustics panel. They stand out for their origin in the pictorial easel work developed by Antonyo Marest and that introduces neon strokes and referential elements such as the vase into its dynamics, allegorizing functionality in design.