Ecoplanet FR SRC

EcoPlanet FR SRC is one of the latest novelties in Vertisol. It is a fabric produced from recycled PET and is fully recyclable. Reflective fabric improves thermal performance and avoids glare and reflection.

One square meter of EcoPlanet FR SRC is made from four thrown away PET bottles.

  • Produced from recycled PET and fully recyclable.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze in process.
  • Low thermal emissivity.
  • PVC, halogen and antimony free.
  • Significant level of acoustic absorption.
  • Contribute to indoor air quality.
  • Durable and recyclable.
  • Reflective fabric (SRC) improve thermal performance and avoid glare.
  • The thermal properties listed in international databases (such as IDA ESBO, Edibatec, and BIM) and can be used to calculate energy savings achieved.

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