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Enhance your projects with vertisol BIM objects

What are BIM objects? How can you improve your projects with this methodology?

Let’s start from the beginning: BIM objects are a parameterized virtual copy of a real product. This means that it is a digital simulation that contains all the relevant information about the product, from geometric information such as dimensions, shape, color, performance, etc.

The purpose of these objects is that prescribers, architects, engineers, designers, etc. can include them directly in their projects and collect and integrate in a single software all the information of the products they want to incorporate into their project. The comfort, ease of management and visibility that BIM objects have, make them prescribe much more than products that are not available in this format.

Find out Vertisol BIM objects

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of construction projects that aims to centralize all the information of the project in a single digital information model.

BIM is already mandatory in many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. That is why at vertisol, two years ago we adapted our products to this technology and methodology to make easier the work of architects and designers.

Which vertisol products are parameterized? vertisol joins the BIM methodology by converting fabrics from the Advanced Fabrics Coordinated collection and vertisolfloor tiles and rolls to this planning method. vertisol BIM objects are available in the REVIT extension, from Autodesk, one of the most used Softwares for the application of this type of objects, and can be downloaded directly from the vertisol website by entering the desired product.

What are the advantages of using vertisol BIM products?

As vertisol BIM objects contain the parameterized data of each of our products, they can be integrated into any ongoing project and analyze all the properties of the material and how it relates to the other objects you have used. These properties allow anticipating the behavior of the product itself, or the product in combination with the rest of the objects in different disciplines, as well as evaluating its effect on the environment.

Another advantage of working with this software and BIM objects is that it allows knowing the quantity of the material required, as well as making a cost estimation. In addition, its design and 3D visualization, allows creating perspective views for a better visualization of the projects.

Do you want to know more about vertisol BIM objects? Would you like to start applying them now in your projects? Contact us!

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