Fitnice flooring, taking care of you and the environment

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Fitnice flooring is ideal for the most demanding environments such as health centers, schools, nurseries, restaurants and other public spaces.

When we talk about sustainable architecture, we are not only referring to that which takes into account the impact it causes on the environment, but also that which looks after the well-being of people. If we think of a flooring, we want it to be strong, durable, aesthetic, easy to install, easy to clean … but have we ever thought about the benefits it can have for health?

Antibacterial flooring helps maintain a cleaner and healthier environment, avoiding allergies, infections or other respiratory problems, thanks to the improvement of the quality of the indoor air. Fitnice vinyl flooring offers a wide range of possibilities depending on its resistance, durability, design, aesthetics, and of course its care for people’s health and well-being.

We tell you why choose Fitnice antibacterial vinyl flooring.

Antibacterial Certificate

Fitnice vinyl flooring has been tested to ensure bacterial growth inhibition and antifungal activity. Fitnice’s design prevents dirt particles from entering the pores of the fabric.

Fitnice complies with the ASTM G 21: 2013 antibacterial certificate that analyzes the growth time of fungi and microorganisms when the right temperature and humidity conditions are present. After sufficient time, it can be determined the resistance of the fabric to these organisms.

The result of this test for Fitnice vinyl flooring is the absence of growth of fungi and bacteria, making it an ideal flooring to preserve the health of spaces.

FloorsCore Certificate

Fitnice vinyl flooring is FloorScocre certified. This is a certification standard that measures indoor air quality. It is one of the most recognized for soil materials, guaranteeing a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Developed by SCS in conjunction with Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), an industry-leading trade association for flooring manufacturers and suppliers, rates the flooring based on various sustainable building programs, including LEED or BREEAM.

Thanks to this certification, Fitnice vinyl flooring helps to obtain points for this type of construction.

Contribute to WELL Certification

The WELL (WELL Building Standard) certification is the first worldwide to focus on human health and well-being, recognizing the relationship between buildings and their occupants. It focuses on the design and construction of buildings with an approach based on the health, well-being and productivity of its occupants.

Fitnice Floor flooring contributes to WELL certification in the air and mind categories due to its high level of indoor air quality thanks to FloorScore® certification, its anti-fungal activity, and because of it is a product free of compounds such as phthalates, formaldehyde, halogens or antimony trioxide.

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