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With the fitnice brand,  Vertisol is  positioning itself on the market as a manufacturer of vinyl cladding by developing solutions for floor and wall cladding. In  fitnice  is a product which is woven from PVC-coated polyester yarn, wherein the PVC is prepared at vertisol. Due to its composition,  Fitnice is a product without phthalates and antimony and at the same time prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria.

With  fitnice  , the knowledge and technologies that Vertisol has acquired in the field of sun protection are applied to a new area:  the production of vinyl cladding for floors and wallsThis makes fitnice  a very wear-resistant product with a long service life and high lightfastness.

The fitnice brand is  currently divided  into the following three product types:

  • fitnice  Floor: vinyl flooring in the four collections Chroma, Wicker, Panama and Memphis. There is also a fifth collection that has been certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is suitable for nautical projects.
  • fitnice  Wall: vinyl wall covering with the three collections Like Home, Time in Town and 597.
  • fitnice  Rugs: It is the latest addition, a wide range of carpets with a large variety of personalized options, which are based on the same four collections as  fitnice  Floor.

fitnice, a designer product

Design is part of fitnice’s DNA. As far as floors are concerned, the wide range of colors and shapes offers unlimited combinations and transforms floors into a canvas for architects and interior designers.

fitnice is woven with a two-tone continuous fiber, which, by playing with the light, creates a random harmonic effect. In addition, the color combination between warp and weft threads as well as the product placement can create a three-dimensional impression by playing with the light and creating really surprising color effects.

By working closely with design studios and design schools and with the most renowned research centers, we can introduce further innovations in the development of vinyl floor coverings and wall coverings at the highest technical and decorative level.




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We couldn’t do it any other way

Vertisol started 35 years ago as a manufacturer of sunscreen fabrics . It is an activity that we have continued to this day and that has enabled us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this industry. We always follow the latest trends in design and technology.

Vertisol’s goal is clear: by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sunscreen fabrics, ensuring the highest level of wellbeing and improving people’s quality of life.