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Woven vinyl flooring manufacturer


Creativity, design and technology combine to create fitnice,  PVC-coated polyester thread-woven vinyl flooring. At Vertisol, as woven vinyl floor manufacturers we have created a product with a modern design and high-tech features.

Due to its unique composition, fitnice is a phthalate- and antimony-free product with FloorScore® certification due to its contribution to the quality of interior air and compliance with the most stringent fire regulations. Product life cycle information is available in its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

One floor, one canvas

In addition to being manufacturers of high-quality and high-performance vinyl floors, at Vertisol we are also designers. That is why we have developed our fitnice Floor product as a large set of shapes and colours that architects and interior designers alike can combine to achieve a wide variety of designs, converting the floor into a canvas.

Some of the main features of fitnice Floor are:

  • Designer vinyl floor with high-tech features: a simple and elegant floor, perfect for large spaces.
  • Wide colour palette and range of combinations
  • Acoustic insulation of up to 15dB.
  • High abrasion resistance, giving the product a long useful life.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with products such as bleach without damaging the fabric.
  • Non-fraying.
  • Flame-resistant properties that comply with the most stringent regulations, especially for the fitnice Marine range, an IMO-certified collection designed for outdoor use and nautical applications.
  • Anti-bacterial properties.
  • High degree of lightfastness.


Woven Vinyl Flooring with Acoustic Absorption up to 20dB

Longterm exposure to a high level of noise is not only a nuisance, but also a health problem for people. This is the reason why acoustic comfort becomes essential, especially in spaces such as offices, hotels, etc.

When we talk about acoustic comfort, we refers to non-annoying ambient noise that allows us to perform any activity comfortably. 

From Vertisol, we work to offer the market vinyl flooring solutions that manage to reach a minimum reduction up to 20dB. Thanks to the new Soundless range, within the fitnice brand, we help reduce ambient noise to create more pleasant environments by providing acoustic insulation.




Armani Junior – Floor covering

Atenea Aventura Hotel – Floor covering

TRYP Hotel – Floor covering

We could not do things any other way

Vertisol started its activities as a manufacturer of sun protection fabrics 35 years ago. It is an activity that we have continued right up to the present day and it has allowed us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We always follow the latest trends both in design and technology.

Vertisol’s aim is clear: to guarantee maximum well-being and improve people’s quality of life by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sun protection fabrics.