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When we talk about technical fabrics, one of the main qualities required is for them to have flame retardant properties. In vertisol we have an extensive range of fabrics that meet the fire safety standards of the most demanding countries. A clear example of this is the offer of fabrics manufactured with 100% PES Trevira CS: Skyline, Skyline 2015 and its SRC versions (Solar Reflective Coating) Skyline SRC and Skyline 2015 SRC.

The main feature of fabrics manufactured with Trevira CS fibres and yarns is that they are flame retardant. This means that users can always be sure that they are using fabrics that comply with the most stringent fire safety standards in the world. Trevira fabric are used in all types of applications for catering, public buildings, nautical uses, railways, air transport, etc.

Characteristics of the Trevira CS fabrics from vertisol

Skyline and Skyline 2015 fabrics are ideal for manufacturing vertical, roller, panel and pleated blinds for all types of projects and are manufactured 100% with Trevira CS yarn, offering a classic finish, with a remarkably textile look, as well as an excellent flame retardant behaviour.

One of the yarns that forms part of the fabrics in the Skyline collection has been designed by Trevira CS especially for vertisol, which makes its appearance and touch unique, as well as not needing to be cut with ultrasound.

The Skyline SRC and Skyline 2015 SRC versions incorporate a reflective layer in the fabric located facing outside to reflect the sun’s rays and for optimum visual comfort of users. It also improves thermal performance, preventing brightness and filtering up to 100% of UV radiation depending on the colour.

  • 100% PES TREVIRA CS yarn
  • Compliant with the most stringent fire regulations. Skyline and Skyline 2015 are M1 and B1 certified
  • Compliant with the most stringent fire regulations. Skyline SRC and Skyline 2015 SRC are B1 certified
  • Trevira CS fabrics can be cold cut, a special technology to stop the fabric from fraying. They do not need cutting with ultrasound
  • Different levels of transparency in the same colours for optimal light control and higher energy savings for each side of the wall: 8% opening factor Skyline and Skyline SRC / 4% opening factor Skyline 2015 and Skyline 2015 SRC
  • Low thermal emissivity (Low e)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate
  • Significant level of acoustic absorption: (αw) 0.45 Skyline, (αw) 0.40 Skyline 2015 and (αw) 0.45 Skyline 2015 SRC
  • Improved thermal performance, which means significant energy savings
  • Low combined solar factor value (gtot)
  • Particularly suitable when thin and light fabrics are required

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