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Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Tic·Tac: Modular, Easy, Fast and Resistant Installation

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Sistema de suelo vinílico Tic·Tac. Una instalación modular: fácil, rápida y resistente.

Tic·Tac is the new installation system for vertisolfloor loose lay vinyl flooring, that needs no glue or adhesive. It is the perfect solution as they allow a quick, simple and long-lasting installation.

For a proper installation, it is only necessary to place the vertisolfloor tiles on a smooth and clean floor, and connect them with the Tic·Tac labels, placing them in the joints. This way, we achieve a strong fixation without using glue or damaging or deteriorating the subfloor, also allowing to change the design or installation more frequently.

Tic·Tac is a solution that does not require installation by applying an adhesive on the floor. This allows greater modularity in the areas where it is installed. It also allows easily placing a design for a period of time and then change it, reduce it or enlarge it, depending on the project needs. Loose lay vinyl flooring is an ideal solution for offices, coworking spaces, corporate offices, etc.

  • Transparent 89 x 89mm square labels
  • Rolls containing 480 Tic·Tac
  • Grooves that allow the area to be adhered perfectly centered for greater precision when placing the product
  • Ideal for modular flooring
  • Quick, easy, and long-lasting installation
  • Substitute for the use of removable glues in the installation
  • It allows to reduce costs in the installation: removable glues represent a much higher cost than the Tic · Tac system
  • Clean installation system: leaves no adhesive residue on the floor or on the tiles
  • Does not damage or deteriorate the subfloor
  • Possibility of changing the design or installation more frequently.
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature changes

Loose lay vinyl flooring has become a living element for architecture. We no longer think about floor as a long-term building element, so it must be designed to be changed and adaptable.

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