Metallised Fabrics For Your Office Projects

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Screen fabrics are the preferred choice of architects and interior designers for office projects and working environments due to their strength, durability and technical performance in terms of heat control.

By choosing the right colour in combination with different openess factors, we can control not only the entry of light in order to improve visibility, avoiding glare and reflections, but also the energy efficiency of buildings.

Going one step beyond in the architecture and design of working environments, standard screen fabrics give way to metallised or SRC (Solar Reflective Coating) fabrics in order to improve thermal and visual comfort. Given the latest building trends, this change is essential due to the great amount of heat that buildings receive nowadays.

Advantages Of SRC Fabrics For Working Environments

Metallised fabrics are incorporate a thin layer of highly reflective aluminium on the face positioned towards from the window. Using these fabrics it is possible to filter up to 98% of UV rays depending on the fabric and colour, avoiding glare and reflections. This enables considerable reduction of glare, something very important for improvement of visual comfort in computer working environments.

Likewise, SRC fabrics enable greater thermal comfort, given that they help reduce energy consumption of the room, as the metallic layer acts as a shield thus reducing the need for air conditioning in summer, and providing insulation that reduces the use of heating in winter.

If these concepts are applied to working environments or offices, workers are able to carry out their tasks in an environment with a comfortable temperature and without discomfort resulting from poor visibility. Consequently, SRC fabrics may help increase productivity.

Vertisol Metallised Fabric Polyscreen

At Vertisol we have a wide selection of metallised fabric screens under our brand Polyscreen. Combining different manufacturing patterns, colours and openess factors, we offer solutions for all types of spaces, adapting each to the technical specifications required for the project.

In addition to the qualities provided by the metallic layer, Vertisol Polyscreen fabrics are the preferred choice as a sustainable product free of components such as phthalates or fibreglass while complying with the most stringent fire protection regulations.

It is therefore no accident that the thermal properties are listed in international software databases for calculating energy savings, such as IDA ESBO, Edibatec and BIM. They also contribute to buildings being awarded points under sustainable building assessment schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, BBC and PASSIV HAUSE. Their environmental product declaration (EPD) is also available.

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