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Monica Armani meets vertisol, TACET is born

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Architecture, design, manufacturing capacity and performance come together in this new product called silence space system.

“I approach each project as a synthesis between functional thought and the search for harmony of the sign, between the choice of materials and technologies used.

With these premises I elaborate a sort of “equation of detail” with a very specific focus: there is nothing too small to be ignored.

At VERTISOL I found perfect understanding of this approach and it became the DNA of TACET, presented for the first time at ORGATEC 2018, a system of modules for high performance sound absorption, designed as functional components for interior design and architecture.

The system solves multiple requirements from partitions to cladding. The panels come in various shapes and sizes, including XL, and may be freestanding or mounted on the wall or ceiling.

The aluminium frame system to support the panels is well designed for maximum functionality and class A sound absorption, all combined with the world of VERTISOL fabrics.

TACET collaborates with VERTISOL coverings to solve the acoustic challenges crucial to modern architecture and improve living spaces using sustainable produce.


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