We couldn’t do it any other way. Who we are has a lot to do with where we were born—Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain. There, the waves of the Atlantic pound the cliffs again and again, as relentlessly as the fullers of our looms working on the weft.

We just couldn’t do things any other way. In a land where every resource is important, ingenuity has no bounds. The vineyards rise above ground to preserve the grapes from humidity, held by a network of carefully designed grids that is reminiscent of the structure of our fabrics.

We simply couldn’t do things any other way. Everything we are has a lot to do with where we grew—Barcelona, bathed and infused by the Mediterranean and its thousand-year-old cultures. A combination of art, design and modernity, a city where inspiration and innovation are constant and beauty is the ultimate goal.

Work and creativity, effort and precision, excellence and ingenuity, Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Indeed, we couldn’t do things any other way.


The values of Vertisol Internacional are customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and for people’s health, systematic enforcement of socially responsible corporate policies, and teamwork.

The main focus of our operation is the constant improvement of our product and our anticipation to the market needs.

At vertisol we have vertically integrated the  processes of design, manufacture and marketing. This strategy allows us to control and verify that said processes fulfil out quality standards.

Eduardo García García
CEO, Vertisol Internacional, SRL.


We Do Care

100% in-house production, product manufacturing in Europe.

Our products are thoroughly risk-free. We take care to assure that the raw materials we use to manufacture the yarn meet the strict European standards. These standards regulate the use of chemicals that may pose a risk to the health of individuals or be a threat to the environment.

Process. We make sure that the quality of the different manufacturing processes, which are fully carried out at our facilities, is compatible with what the market demands of our finished product—maximum durability and wear resistance.

Protection. We have a strong commitment to the well-being of our users. That is why we apply specific treatments that lend our fabrics properties such as anti-mite and antibacterial protection, resistance to fire, to weather and light, and they are easy to clean, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

Installation and maintenance. We take care to provide all the necessary information to installers and cleaning teams for optimal installation and maintenance.

ISO 9001ISO 14001

Contemporary Weavers

Weaving is one of the oldest trades in the world, and throughout history it has played a leading role in mankind’s evolution and progress.

New technologies and the development of new weaving tools have allowed us to reach unprecedented goals in recent decades.

Our experience in the trade spans more than 40 years. The goal of the carefully planned combination of yarns in the loom is to assure that the fabric resulting from this process reflects the creativity of our designers, the brilliance of our technicians and the professionalism of the men and women who operate the loom with the same hands and the same care used for cultivating vineyards.

The Yarn, our DNA

We know that when the warp and the weft intertwine in the loom, everything starts to make sense. We know that the YARN is the essential component that makes the magic happen when we create vertisol fabrics. That’s why we say that the yarn is our DNA, our essence.

We put most of our efforts into making optimal quality yarn that is sustainable and durable, with innovating antibacterial and anti-mite properties. This is the only way our floors can achieve the level of excellence required by our clients.


Making products is about engaging with people and the planet to ensure a better world (both ethically and aesthetically). That is why we are creators of vital comfort.

Manufacturers of the future

Manufacturing the future is engage with people and the environment.

Manufacturing the future is innovating to improve people’s lives.

Manufacturing the future is knowing that sustainability needs aesthetics to work.

Manufacturing the future is helping others to create the future they dream of.

Manufacturing the future is to be a creator of living comfort.