New vertisolfloor tessitura catalog: avant-garde flooring for your projects

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Are you looking for an innovative solution for your interior design projects? At vertisol we are pleased to present tessitura collection. A line of high-quality flooring that combines functionality and avant-garde style. Discover how tessitura can transform your spaces.

The vinyl flooring revolution

The rise of vinyl flooring in the world of interior design is due to its great versatility and durability. Tessitura collection by vertisolfloor takes the braided vinyl fabric trend one step further. It offers a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to suit any style and project.

Tessitura opens the door to inspiration. It allows the creation of an infinite number of designs and compositions, making it a unique and in-house design. A collection that is characterized by its wide variety of shades among the collections that make up vertisolfloor. The selection of colors is in line with current trends in interior design. From contract tones, such as grays and beiges, to bolder colors such as reds, blues, or greens.

This collection does not only come with aesthetic novelties, but we add to the design the latest product innovations. We managed to increase the acoustic absorption capacity up to 23 dB. In addition, its composition helps to cushion the footprint and create a comfortable environment, improving the living comfort of any space.

Functionality and resistance

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, vertisolfloor stand out for their exceptional performance. Manufactured 100% in Spain with high quality materials, our floorings are highly resistant, with great durability and without consuming water in the process, being the perfect choice for high traffic spaces.

The tessitura design prevents dirt particles from penetrating the pores of the fabric. The product is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the floors are phthalate-free and have been tested to ensure the absence of fungal and bacterial growth. This makes it the ideal flooring for spaces with specific cleaning and hygiene requirements.

vertisolfloor offers a product in line with the latest trends in design and performance. Do not miss the opportunity to explore our catalogs and work on your projects with the most aesthetic and innovative solutions.

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