Sustainability in vertisol’s manufacturing process

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For vertisol, remaining an environmentally sustainable company is a crucial aspect of its project. Therefore, vertisol is committed from the beginning to continue working to reduce its water footprint by implementing more environmentally friendly processes.

Water consumption in the textile industry

The textile industry faces the problem of being one of the most water-intensive industries in its production processes. At vertisol we are aware of this problem. We implement measures to reduce water consumption in the manufacturing processes.

In our plant in Galicia, we have a closed-circuit cooling system for the manufacture of our yarn. That allows us to reduce water consumption by practically 100%, thus optimizing the use of a natural resource. This system consists of a pool that receives the water from the extrusion lines. It is then sent to the cooling towers where it is cooled and returned to the pool. This process has been in place since the inauguration of the Moraña production plant in 2007. And since 2020, we have had two cooling towers connected, which allows better control of the water temperature and greater energy efficiency. As this second tower comes into operation when ambient temperatures are higher.

Water scarcity and poor management of water resources have become a major concern in Spain. For this reason, at vertisol we are committed to reducing our water consumption and implementing practices that enable sustainable management of this resource.

Sustainability in vertisol’s philosophy

Sustainability is one of vertisol’s main concerns and is part of our business philosophy. The company strives to develop sustainable products and manufacturing processes that are more environmentally friendly. With the aim of minimizing its environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable world.

At vertisol we have excelled in the innovation of sustainable products. Such as our recycled and recyclable fabrics that obtain the strictest certifications in the market such as Cradle to Cradle or OEKO-TEX. In addition, vertisol is working on the products development that reduce environmental impact during use, such as solar protection fabrics that help reduce energy consumption in the building.

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