Nove Fabric, Resistance And Aesthetics

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Nove is part of the polyscreen decorative fabrics by Vertisol, which is designed with an eye on the latest and most popular trends demanded by the market. We have reinvented our colour palette to adapt it to the industry’s latest innovations and the most popular colours of the moment.

Nove fabric is one of the most resistant polyscreen fabrics, thanks to its speacial weaven with three yarns on the weft and three yarns on the warp, together with the rest of polyscreen technical features. Its use is intended for the manufacture of vertical, roller and panel blinds.

In order to satisfy the needs of all our clients, Nove fabric not only provides aesthetics and design where it is installed, but it is also subjected to the most stringent tests to achieve the best results in terms of controlling solar gain, making it the perfect combination of design and efficiency. 

Why Choosing Nove For the Manufacture of Your Blinds

Nove is composed by 85% PVC and 15% PES. Its composition makes it a fabric free of substances such as phthalates and other Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed by European Union regulation REACH.

It is also a fabric certified as low-emitting product and therefore contribute to reducing the risk of health problems.  

Its degree of light fastness makes it highly resistant to sun rays, while keeping colors unalterable and it also achieves good results in flame retardancy. Allow the different spaces to be protected from sunlight without sacrificing design.

Another adavange of Nove fabric, as well as the rest of Polyscreen fabrics is that allows optimal control of energy efficiency, improving the thermal and visual comfort of any room without sacrificing natural light. This enables to avoide glare and reflections.

Need More Reasons?

Here are some other advantatges of using Nove fabric for your projects.

  • Blinds manufactured with polyscreen Nove last over time without damaging the quality of the fabric.
  • It hangs perfectly straight, even on tall windows
  • Nove is free of odors and emissions
  • It Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Cold Cut, Crush Cut or Ultrasonic Cut
  • Fabric available up to 250cm wide


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