Francesc Rifé’s collaboration with vertisol: a color selection for your floor and wall coverings

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Looking for a way to bring life and style to your interiors? vertisol’s collaboration with designer Francesc Rifé suggests the perfect solutions to add a touch of personality and elegance to any space. Discover how Rifé’s color selection can transform your floor and wall coverings.

Francesc Rifé and why he has partnered with vertisol

Francesc Rifé is one of today’s leading interior designers. With his minimalist approach and attention to detail, Rifé has created some of the most important interiors around the world.

In collaboration with vertisol, he has selected a series of colors that will transform your floor and wall coverings, adding a touch of personality and style to any space. Homes, offices, stores, restaurants, etc. interior design has a significant impact on how people feel in a space and how they use it.

Rifé’s color selection for your floors and walls

Rifé’s color selection for vertisol floor and wall coverings includes natural and neutral tones that will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space. With a wide variety of shades available to complement any decorating style.

The Catalan designer has created different proposals for combining vertisol designs. Six color collections with which to create harmonious spaces in all types of coatings and surfaces: Pearl Brick, Nude, Sand, Stone, Grey and Green.

Pearl Brick






The aim of vertisol is to create collections that serve as creative tools, helping architects and interior designers to realize the projects they have in mind. Playing with the openness of the fabric, its opacity, finishes and color. Francesc Rifé has generated six proposals that move between color, luminosity, and the most sober elegance.

To use Rifé’s color selection in your interiors, consider the style of decoration of your space and choose the floor and wall coverings that best suit your needs. Combine different tones and textures to create a cozy and personalized atmosphere. You can also consult the vertisol team for ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate Rifé’s color selection into your interiors.

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