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Plec Acoustic Panels: Divide, Customize, Recomfort

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Paneles acústicos 'PLEC' presentados en el suelo. Dos paneles unidos del mismo color, dos paneles unidos de diferente color y forma, y un último y único panel rectangular colocado en vertical

PLEC acoustic panels, by Odosdesign, was born with the idea of helping to improve the atmosphere of a space.

Open and diaphanous spaces that we like so much generate many other problems for us, such as excessive noise pollution.

With the vertisolacoustics PLEC system we seek to help the flexible partitioning of spaces while improving their acoustic quality and comfort.

The initial concept arises from the action of opening a book, and how through folding two articulated panels, we obtain endless combinations.

PLEC acoustic panels system is divided into three versions: PLEC Divider, a self-supporting  and almost architectural element designed to divide spaces, PLEC Desk, a version with which it is possible to manage and divide shared table spaces, and PLEC Wall, a decorative element that helps to focus on telephone conversations and moments of introspection.

PLEC is an optimal acoustic panels system for working areas, public spaces or restaurants.

In addition to the aesthetic and acoustic aspects, PLEC system contributes to the spaces as a component of separation and distance, essential in this exceptional situation we are experiencing and which makes us rethink the design and distribution of the new workspaces.

An element of social distancing that helps dividing and defining new spaces without neglecting aesthetics and acoustic comfort.

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