Polyscreen 365 SRC, Efficient and Ecological Design

Vertisol fabrics are designed with a clear objective: to provide maximum well-being to people while taking care of the environment. That is why choosing Vertisol products is choosing a healthy and sustainable solution.

At Vertisol we are convinced that the use of sustainable products in both architecture and interior design is the key to guaranteeing the maximum well-being of people.

At the same time, the construction of sustainable buildings helps us to preserve the environment, a concern that Vertisol has been working on since the very begining.

The result is our Polyscreen 365 SRC (solar reflective coating) fabric, an ideal product for buildings with an efficient and ecological design.

What are the advantages of Polysrceen 365 SRC?

Polyscreen 365 SRC is a fabric with the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information on the environmental impact of products on the life cycle. Polyscreen 365 SRC is also a phthalate free product.

In addition to containing no toxic substances such as lead or fiberglass, Polyscreen 365 SRC fabric prevents the appearance of mites and fungi, making it a hygienically efficient product that is also easy to clean and non-scratchy. The reason is that its reflective coating, typical of Vertisol, is more resistant to cleaning products, friction, weather, etc.

It is also an advantage of this type of fabrics the fact that it provides visual and thermal comfort for the occupants of the room in which they are. Dark colors prevent glare and reflections while keeping a vision of the outside.

Polyscreen 365 SRC fabrics manage to reflect a large part of the sun rays and can filter up to 94% of the light rays according to color, while maintaining their transparency. They manage to block a large part of the ultraviolet rays, protecting not only people but also the interior of the room such as floors and furniture.

Polyscreen 365 SRC fabric allows to reduce the building’s energy consumption, which reduces its environmental impact. An example of this is that its lighter color range manages to limit the heat input, maintaining a good ambient temperature.

Other qualities of Polyscreen 365 SRC

Polyscreen 365 SRC fabric is manufactured entirely in the European Union and meets the standards required for public places.

It is also fire retardant and helps to achieve points in energy efficiency such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, BBC or PASSIV HAUSE, all of them essential in the creation of ecologically efficient buildings.

Polyscreen 365 SRC is GREENGUARD GOLD certified, which determines that it is a product free of polluting emissions, and also IMO certified, which defines it as a quality product and which has all the guarantees and legal certifications to be used in boats.

It is a product that, once again, tries to ensure the well-being of people at the same time that it becomes a sustainable product. It is one more step in Vertisol’s goal to innovate and participate in creating greener environments.

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