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Reduce noise with Soundless vinyl flooring from vertisolfloor

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vertisolfloor vinyl flooring is creativity, design, and technology. The last is that we enhance to offer the market vinyl flooring solutions that manage to reach a minimum reduction up to 20dB.

The acoustic comfort of interior spaces is essential, especially in spaces such as offices or hotels. Long-term exposure to a high level of noise is a nuisance and a health problem for people.

Noise caused by human activities can be a form of pollution, and can produce stress, irritability, fatigue, and loss of concentration. For this reason, the acoustic comfort to which we refer is the main objective of the Soundless vinyl flooring range of vertisolfloor.

Soundless vinyl flooring help reduce ambient noise up to 20 dB with the aim of creating more pleasant environments by providing acoustic insulation.

What is acoustic insulation?

Acoustic insulation is one of the main characteristics of vertisolfloor products. Reducing ambient noise in indoor spaces, such as offices or hotels, increases employee productivity and creates more welcoming and healthy environments.

Soundless vinyl flooring is installed by vinyl tile flooring of square shapes and a 50×50 cm size each tile.

Why use Soundless vinyl flooring with acoustic absorption?

Soundless floor covering allows you to create more comfortable environments for residential, commercial, office or hotel applications, reducing noise up to 20 dB.

The acoustic insulation provided by the Soundless range of vinyl flooring:

  • Significantly reduces impact noise
  • Improves the acoustics of spaces
  • Create more efficient workspaces: reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Allows optimal communication by improving sound quality and reducing ambient noise
  • Get more habitable, healthy, and efficient spaces

In addition to manufacturers of high-quality and high-performance vinyl flooring, at vertisol we are also designers. For this reason, vertisolfloor is the best option for interior design thanks also to its design and creativity. The large set of shapes and colors makes architecture and interior design professionals can combine to achieve a wide variety of designs and making their vinyl flooring unique.

Our floor composer is a good tool for interior design, as it allows you to create unique designs with vertisolfloor collections by mixing shapes and colors turning vinyl flooring into a canvas.

Do you want to know more about Soundless vinyl flooring? Write us to have more information about our products or receive samples.

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