Reduce your restaurant’s reverberation with vertisolacoustics

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Paneles acústicos vertisolacoustics instalados en el restaurante Sagardi de Amsterdam

The acoustic quality of a restaurant is one of the most important factors for consumers. Noise caused by human activity is a pollutant and can cause stress, irritability, increased fatigue, and loss of concentration.

Restaurant establishments seek to create excellent acoustic comfort to enhance the customer experience. Because poor acoustic quality can turn the best dish into a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Or, in other words, it can be responsible for customers not coming back and badmouthing the establishment.

In vertisol we carry out acoustic studies to identify the needs of the spaces. This analysis shows the benefits of the installation of vertisolacoustics panels.

These are acoustic panels for noise absorption. vertisolacoustics have an alpha coefficient of 0.95 and a 0.90 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). In addition, they are very easy to install both in walls and suspended from the ceiling.

vertisol acoustic panels reduce reverberation, the culprit of background noise that causes sound to linger after the original source has stopped emitting it. In addition to their technical performance, the sound-absorbing panels have been created to give a more pleasant appearance to the space. vertisolacoustics is available in various formats and comes in a wide range of colors. In addition, the fabric covering the panel is printable and allows the design to be customized.

Acoustic panels in Grupo SAGARDI restaurants

Grupo SAGARDI, with more than 30 establishments, has relied on vertisol to condition the acoustics of its restaurants in Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona. Both restaurants opted for the installation of Bloc acoustic panels. They are covered with Essential fabric in Ebony.

Paneles acústicos vertisolacoustics instalados en el restaurante Ikoya Izakaya de Sagardi en Barcelona

A Faragulla chooses vertisolacoustics for reverberation reduction

Another restaurant that recently opted for the installation of acoustic panels was Restaurante A Faragulla in Lugo. The aim was to solve its reverberation problems and integrate these panels into the decoration of the space. In this case, the thirteen Bloc acoustic panels were covered with the Essential collection in Pearl Grey.

You can see more projects of vertisol acoustic panels in our projects web section.

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