Technical fabrics for sustainable projects


Contract fabrics

Eco-friendliness, sustainability and respect for the environment. This is what vertisol’s collection of technical fabrics for sustainable projects offers. Our wide range includes recycled and recyclable fabrics, those with metallized finishes that control solar gain, fabrics with Blackout finishes and PVC-free fabrics, among others. All of them are suitable for the fabrication of roller blinds, panels and vertical blinds focused on the Contract sector.

Without neglecting efficiency, energy saving, design and comfort, vertisol offers high quality solutions for sun protection that respect the environment.

vertisol’s technical fabrics for sustainable projects offer an excellent solution for maintaining thermal comfort in a room, as their use in curtains and sunscreens helps to maintain a suitable room temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption within the building.  The thermal properties of our fabrics are listed on international software databases for the calculation of energy savings, including IDA ESBO, Edibatec and BIM.

In addition, vertisol’s fabrics do not contain components such as formaldehyde or fibreglass and they are certified Greenguard Gold, providing optimum air quality in the most demanding environments.

Cradle to Cradle fabrics: 100% recycled materials

Sustainable buildings guarantee the well-being of their occupants and this is why we are committed to the manufacture of fabrics made from 100% recycled materials. An obvious example is the products produced using yarns made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) bottles from selective collection. These are certified Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze, one of the strictest sustainability certifications that encourages product innovation based on the circular economy. The certification takes into account factors such as material health, material reuse, water and energy use in the manufacturing process and social responsibility.

SRC fabrics: improved thermal and visual quality in your room

Avoid glare and reflections and achieve greater privacy while maintaining views of the outside and reducing energy consumption. Thermal and visual comfort are two fundamental aspects in creating more pleasant spaces. This is why vertisol has developed a range of SRC (Solar Reflective Coating) fabrics that incorporate a reflective layer that helps improve our products’ thermal performance while avoiding glare.

Blackout fabrics: total privacy and comfort

Privacy and comfort are two essential characteristics for both residential locations and also for public spaces. vertisol has achieved the perfect balance between the two by creating a selection of Blackout fabrics that totally block out all light, ideal for spaces that require total darkness. Thanks to their characteristics and certifications, these fabrics are perfect for schools, hospitals, nurseries and other public spaces. In addition, our Imagine Blackout FR collection is also an excellent choice for nautical use as the fabrics are IMO certified.

The use of vertisol’s Contract fabrics contributes to LEED and BREEAM points, among others, in sustainable building programmes. Their environmental product declaration (EPD) is also available.



Telas para cortinas vertisolfabrics Renaissance White en una casa ecológica particular

Ecological Private House – Shade Fabrics

Telas para cortinas vertisolscreen Essential 5 Pearl Grey para el edificio The Thémis en París, Francia

The Thémis – Shade Fabrics

Abdulhaq Blinds Trade & Industry – Shade fabrics

We could not do things any other way

vertisol started its activities as a manufacturer of sun protection fabrics 40 years ago. It is an activity that we have continued right up to the present day and it has allowed us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We always follow the latest trends both in design and technology.

vertisol’s aim is clear: to guarantee maximum well-being and improve people’s quality of life by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sun protection fabrics.