Siena Fabric: Design & Performance

Vertisol Fabric, Siena, part of the polyscreen brand collection, is characterized by its great resistance and protection, combined with a unique design, ideal for all kinds of environments.

In order to satisfy the needs of all our clients, Siena fabric not only provides aesthetics and design where it is installed, and it is also subjected to the most stringent tests to achieve the best results in terms of controlling solar gain, making this collection the perfect combination of design and efficiency. 

Why Choosing Siena Fabric For Your Blinds?

As we said, Siena fabric combines the aesthetics and design of a decorative fabric, with the highest technical performance, typical of the polyscreen collection. This allows the different spaces to be protected from sunlight without sacrificing design.

Another advantage of this fabric is that it allows optimal control of energy efficiency, improving the thermal and visual comfort of any room without sacrificing natural light. This enables to avoide glare and reflections.

Thanks to the resistance of Siena fabric, blinds manufactured with it last over time without damaging the quality of the fabric. In addition, its high resistance to sunlight keeps colors unalterable.

With Siena fabric, Vertisol guarantees control of heat input and UV protection of any interior, as its degree of transparency helps protect furniture, upholstery and other objects that are part of the decoration from sun rays. 

Other important characteristics of this fabric are:

  • Phthalate free composition.
  • Fabric of Low Emission of Volatile Compounds.
  • Inhibition of the bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It works especially well for large windows and creates an interesting aesthetic design
  • Sienna polyscreen fabric hangs perfectly straight, even on tall windows
  • Fabric available 250cm wide

Create pleasant environments both visually and thermally, as well as aesthetically thanks to the Siena fabric. Get different and unique spaces.

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