Silken, Maximum Protection For Your Interior Design Projects

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Vertisol’s SILKEN collection combines the resistance and high technical performance of Polyscreen fabrics with the design and trends of our Decorative fabrics.

With more than 35 references, we have developed a wide collection, ideal for all kinds of environments playing with light, colors and design.

The peculiarity of SILKEN fabric is its iridescent effect, a unique and intrinsic characteristic of this fabric that allows creating unique environments thanks to the visual effects produced by the incidence of light.

SILKEN combines a color palette adapted to the latest trends with textures and finishes to provide multiple options to decorate spaces. But it is not only an excellent option to decorate any public or private space, but also offers effective solutions to control solar gain.


Advantages of Using Silken Fabric in Your Projects

  • Fabric composed by 80% PVC and 20% PES
  • Decorative fabric with high technical permormance: protect your spaces from sunlight while enhancing the design.
  • Phthalate free product
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Fabric free of bad odors and emissions (Greengard certification). In addition, it contains stabilizers of the latest generation to prevent migration of oily substances
  • Its color palette is updated following the latest design trends in order to adapt the fabric to the innovations marked by the industry.
  • Improvement of the thermal and visual comfort of any room without sacrificing natural light. Avoid glare and improve reflection.
  • Protect your interiors from UV rays. SILKEN helps protect furniture, upholstery and other objects that are part of home decoration from the sun’s rays.
  • Long-lasting product. Its high light fastness keeps colors unchanged over time
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Inhibition of bacterial and fungal growth
  • Fabric available at 250 cm wide

Thanks to SILKEN fabric, we help to protect the different spaces at the same time that we help to enhance the interior design, creating pleasant environments both visually and thermally, avoiding glare and reflections, as well as aesthetically.

We offer a durable, easy-to-maintain product that allows control of heat input and protection against UV rays, avoiding the wear of furniture and other elements, but without sacrificing natural light.


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