Outdoor fabric

tensiline, upholstery for outdoor comfort

tensiline brand outdoor fabrics for upholstery are conceived and designed for the manufacture of outdoor furniture and maritime applications. Their mechanical qualities and vertisol’s manufacturing process make tensiline fabrics durable a solution that does not deform over time and that is highly resistant to tearing and discoloration.

tensiline is the result of vertisol’s passion for hard work, learning from experience and research. The manufacturing process is carried out entirely in our facilities so as to be able to guarantee with total security that the fabrics fully meet market requirements and offer a high degree of performance.

High technical performance outdoor fabrics

tensiline is a comfortable outdoor fabric designed with people in mind. This is why it does not emit unpleasant odours or contain substances that are harmful to people or the environment.

The fabric’s design favours ventilation and therefore quick drying. This makes tensiline an ideal fabric, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Its special formulation prevents corrosion by oxidation and the deterioration of its surface even in highly saline environments.

tensiline is easy to clean and maintain, it can even be cleaned using the most aggressive techniques such as pressurised water or the direct application of sodium hypochlorite, among other detergents.

Its mesh structure and special weave with a smooth surface give tensiline outdoor fabrics high dimensional stability, and their antibacterial and anti-mould treatment make them a reference in the field of outdoor furniture.

In order to meet our customers’ highest requirements, Vertisol has launched a new fabric within the tensiline brand under the name tensiline Oasis. The product has the same technical features as the other fabrics of this brand, but moving away from a polyester texture to offer greater warmth and a more textile feel in a unique and innovative range of colours.

tensiline, IMO certified outdoor fabric

tensiline outdoor fabrics for upholstery comply with the most stringent fire regulations in the maritime sector thanks to their special formulation. They have been tested by external laboratories with excellent results in all cases. Proof of this is that tensiline outdoor fabrics are certified by the International Maritime Organization, an essential requirement for all equipment developed for the maritime environment.