Upholstery vertisolfabrics

Upholstery vertisolfabrics

vertisol indoor, outdoor and waterproof fabrics

Under the Tensiline® and Everdry® brands, we provide a wide range of differentiated fabrics for indoor and outdoor upholstery, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding markets.


Fabric for outdoor upholstery and marine applications


vertisol’s brand of 100% waterproof fabrics

The outdoor upholstery collection, Tensiline, is conceived and designed for outdoor furniture upholstery and marine applications. Its mechanical qualities and vertisol manufacturing process make these fabrics a durable solution that will not warp over time and is highly resistant to tearing and fading.

The waterproof fabric is another solution that joins the other applications for which our fabrics are designed. Everdry is a vinyl fabric covered with a waterproof film. Providing a unique and exclusive product for outdoor upholstery and nautical use.

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vertisolfabrics is able to seduce both manufacturers and users thanks to its quality
Resistant fabrics

The special vinyl composition of vertisolfabrics prevents oxidative corrosion and surface deterioration, even in highly saline environments

Friction resistant

vertisolfabrics withstands the abrasive effect of rubbing against other materials better than most fabrics: up to 300,000 in a Martindale rubbing test

Cleaning and maintenance

vertisolfabrics can be easily cleaned, even with high-pressure water or the application of sodium hypochlorite and other detergents

IMO Certified

These fabrics comply with the most stringent fire regulations, as they are IMO certified

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