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Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabric manufacturer

Quality, design and efficiency is what defines and positions vertisol as a manufacturer within the upholstery fabric market.

Under the brands tensiline and everdry, we provide a differentiated range of indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding markets. With the highest product quality and customer service, our fabrics seduce both manufacturers and users.

Here at vertisol we integrate the entire production and manufacturing process in our factories in Galicia and Catalonia, allowing us to control the composition of our fabrics and guarantee the highest quality.


Upholstery fabric solutions with the highest technical performance

We subject our fabrics to numerous tests and checks to ensure that they pass all the necessary quality tests. The main qualities of our upholstery fabrics include:

  • vertisol upholstery fabric comply with the most stringent fire regulationstensiline and everdry are IMO certified
  • High abrasion resistance: our upholstery fabric resist the abrasive effect of friction with other materials better than most other fabrics
  • Excellent lightfastness: our tensiline and everdry fabrics offer unbeatable lightfastness results
  • Resistance to saline corrosion: the formulation of our fabrics prevents surface deterioration and corrosion by oxidation, even in highly saline environments
  • Inhibition of fungal and bacterial growth: treated fabrics that offer safe and durable protection against bacteria, mould and other agents

Only by performing all these checks can we ensure the durability and resistance of our fabrics.

In addition to being effective products, vertisol upholstery fabrics are intended as designer products. This is why we offer a wide range of colors adapted to the latest fashions, as well as fabrics that can be moulded into all kinds of shapes. The resilience of our upholstery products means they easily adapt to curves, corners, zippers, etc. giving pieces with perfect finishes.

Everdry, 100% waterproof fabric

vertisol has positioned itself in recent years as a nautical upholstery fabric manufacturer, another solution that joins the other applications our fabrics are designed for. The vertical integration of all the design, manufacturing and distribution processes has allowed us to launch our everdry product, a vinyl fabric covered with a waterproof film. Providing a unique and exclusive product for outdoor and nautical upholstery fabric.

everdry collection

Tensiline, outdoor fabric

Tensiline outdoor fabric for upholstery are conceived and designed for the manufacture of outdoor furniture and maritime applications. Their mechanical qualities and vertisol manufacturing process make tensiline fabrics durable a solution that does not deform over time and that is highly resistant to tearing and discolouration.

Tensiline outdoor fabric for upholstery comply with the most stringent fire regulations in the maritime sector thanks to their special formulation. They have been tested by external laboratories with excellent results in all cases. Proof of this is that tensiline fabrics are certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), an essential requirement for all equipment developed for the maritime environment.

tensiline collection


Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor colección Wicker, tonos Jump y Tan, instalado en losetas en las zonas comunes del Hotel Regent

Regent Hotel – Floor covering

Habitación del Hotel Boutique Villa Cettina con el suelo vinílico vertisolfloor chroma Parisian Blue y Pure White

Villa Cettina Boutique Hotel – Floor covering

Alfombra de vinilo colección Wicker, tono Jump, con ribete Bronze, instaladas en el salón de un Club de Golf privado

Private Golf Club – Vinyl rugs

We could not do things any other way

vertisol started its activities as a manufacturer of sun protection fabrics 40 years ago. It is an activity that we have continued right up to the present day and it has allowed us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We always follow the latest trends both in design and technology.

vertisol’s aim is clear: to guarantee maximum well-being and improve people’s quality of life by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sun protection fabrics.