Everdry, 100% waterproof fabric

Waterproof fabric for nautical use

vertisol has positioned itself in recent years as a nautical upholstery fabric manufacturer, another solution that joins the other applications our fabrics are designed for. The vertical integration of all the design, manufacturing and distribution processes has allowed us to launch our everdry product, a vinyl fabric covered with a waterproof film. Providing a unique and exclusive product for outdoor and nautical upholstery fabric.

But what makes everdry such an exceptional fabric for this type of application? The answer lies in its many technical features, which make it an excellent solution for resistant and durable upholstery even in environments with adverse climatic conditions.


everdry, the best technical performance for nautical upholstery

everdry is a 100% waterproof fabric product. Its waterproof rating places it above the maximum measurable values as measured in accordance with the water column standard.

It is also a product with unbeatable lightfastness. Scoring 5/5 on the grey scale, and 4/5 for light colours, everdry waterproof fabric is an excellent fabric for outdoor upholstery exposed to the elements as its colours will not fade. everdry brand fabrics also have better abrasion resistance than most upholstery fabrics. everdry waterproof fabric resists the abrasive effect of rubbing against other materials giving results of over 300,000 cycles in the Martindale test.

Another of the properties of everdry nautical upholstery fabrics is their high resistance to saline corrosion. The special formulation of the vinyl compound in everdry fabrics avoids corrosion due to oxidation and surface deterioration, even in highly saline environments. This formulation also has an antibacterial treatment that is applied to all everdry fabrics, guaranteeing a safe and long-lasting protection against bacteria, mould and other aggressive agents.

everdry, IMO certified nautical upholstery

everdry fabrics have excellent fire retardant properties as they have been tested by independent laboratories and subjected to the testing required by the most stringent fire regulations, with excellent results. These fabrics have been certified by the International Maritime Organization, surpassing the most demanding standards for the maritime sector.


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We could not do things any other way

vertisol started its activities as a manufacturer of sun protection fabrics 40 years ago. It is an activity that we have continued right up to the present day and it has allowed us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We always follow the latest trends both in design and technology.

vertisol’s aim is clear: to guarantee maximum well-being and improve people’s quality of life by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sun protection fabrics.