Acoustic panels

vertisol Acoustic Panels, the way to acoustic comfort

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Acoustic Absorption Class A

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.9

At vertisol we take care of noise reduction so you can focus on your ideas.

Our determination to create environments that are more sustainable, attractive and healthy, together with the excellent acoustic properties of our fabrics, has led us to develop vertisolacoustics acoustic panels. They are modular and modulated elements designed not only to reduce acoustic pollution, but also to bring design.

Acoustic protection is essential to guarantee suitable environments for the physical and emotional well-being of people. vertisolacoustics acoustic panels noticeably contribute to reduce noise pollution, particularly in open spaces with high levels of human activity.

Whether for work, commercial or residential spaces, or leisure areas such as restaurants or auditoriums.

Where it is important to create a pleasant environment with a noise-free space, the technical properties of our fabrics and the materials used in our acoustic panels, reduce the ambient noise creating a more pleasant space.

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