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Ecology, sustainability, and respect for the environment. This is what vertisol’s collection of technical fabrics for sustainable projects offers. Our wide range includes recycled and recyclable fabrics, products with metallized finishes that favor solar control, fabrics with blackout finishes, PVC-free fabrics, among others. All of them are intended for the manufacture of roller blinds, panel and vertical curtains focused on the Contract sector.

Sustainable buildings guarantee the well-being of people, and that is why we are committed to the manufacture of fabrics made from 100% recycled materials. Clear examples are those produced with post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) bottle yarns from selective collection.

These are Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze certified (C2C), one of the strictest certifications in terms of sustainability that encourages product innovation based on the circular economy, considering factors such as: healthy composition, reuse of materials, use of water and energy in the manufacturing process, or social responsibility. Planet FR, SeaPlanet FR, EcoPlanet FR, and its metallized SRC version, are the fabrics certified with the Bronze level of C2C. The collection is completed by the Pledge FR fabric, Cradle to CradleTM Silver certified.

Moodboard de tejidos vertisolfabrics certificados cradle to cradle Bronze y Silver

Planet FR, EcoPlanet FR and EcoPlanet FR SRC

Ensuring maximum comfort and improving quality of life through the development of sustainable products are two of vertisol’s main objectives.

Therefore, we manufacture curtain fabrics such as Planet FR. A smooth, semi-transparent fabric made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a component used in the manufacture of bottles.

Another important feature of Planet FR recycled fabric is its high level of acoustic absorption, which is vital in crowded spaces. Planet FR absorbs part of the ambient noise and dampens the propagation of sound waves. The weighted sound absorption coefficient (αW) is 0.45 to 0.60, depending on the fabric installation.

At vertisol we believe in taking a better approach to the environmentally friendly use of PET. The yarns we manufacture from recycled polyester have the same quality and characteristics as those produced from virgin raw materials. This results in products such as Planet FR, EcoPlanet FR and EcoPlanet FR SRC. Smooth and semi-transparent sun protection fabrics made from recycled PET. One square meter of EcoPlanet FR and Planet FR is made from 4 to 6 discarded bottles.

These collections are also GreenGuard Gold certified. Products that obtain this certification contribute to improving air quality, thanks to their low indoor VOC emissions.

EcoPlanet FR and EcoPlanet FR SRC have a 3% openness factor, allowing a view of the outside.

Both collections, and the SRC version of EcoPlanet FR, offer a wide range of colors. In addition, they are HP-certified printable fabrics, suitable for digital latex printing.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports are available.

SeaPlanet FR

It is estimated that 75% of the waste is found in the deep sea and only 25% on the surface. For every kilogram of filament, we cleanup 1 kilogram of deep-sea debris.

SeaPlanet FR is a 100% recycled and recyclable fabric, also GreenGuard Gold certified. A high percentage of its composition is made from recycled plastic collected from the seabed. With SeaPlanet FR we help clean up the ocean while offering our customers a technical textile solution for the manufacture of roller shades.

The SeaPlanet FR collection features a 5% openness factor.

Pledge FR

We live in a society that is increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our environment and generating the least impact on it. In response to this need, vertisol manufactures sustainable fabrics from renewable sources such as our Pledge FR fabric, which is mostly made from PLA (polylactic acid) and a significant amount of recycled PET.

Pledge FR is manufactured with innovative technology and is a fabric free of components such as PVC, halogens, formaldehyde, or lead, while meeting the highest fire protection standards.

Pledge FR fabric has a 2% openness factor.

All Cradle to Cradle™ certified recycled fabric collections comply with the most stringent fire regulations. In this case, they are M1 flame retardant fabrics.

If you would like more information about these products, please contact us.


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