vertisol fabrics “dressing the light” in Marset’s Jaima collection

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vertisol fabrics “dressing the light” in Marset’s Jaima collection

Using the language of textiles, Joan Gaspar, at Marset, has designed the Jaima collection, a lamp manufactured with Silken and Essential fabrics from vertisol’s Tach Upholstery collection, a flexible and ductile material that filters the light at the same time as providing warmth and colour. In the Jaima collection, the overlapping of textiles interacts with light creating a range of volumes, shadows and moire which bring the design to life.

In vertisol we are delighted to take part in this project providing one of our most resistant fabrics and with more features. Marset has chosen our Silken and Essential fabrics for this collection, as they are resistant technical fabrics that comply with the most stringent fire regulations and are free of components such as phthalates or fibre glass. But without losing sight of their design component, they are also fabrics certified as products with low emission of volatile substances.

Marset’s option of using vertisol fabrics comes from the idea of finding a material capable of softening light intensity, providing colour and warmth, and the tones and shadows of an interior at the same time as withstanding outdoor conditions for a long time.

Silken and Essential fabrics recover the light from the Jaima by Marset as if they were a dress. The fabric is a ductile material, which is alive in its own way and obliges to take care of the seams and look at the hang of the fabric. That is why, added to the above qualities, the fabrics could be no other than vertisol.

vertisol fabrics become one of the main protagonists in the design of the Jaima by Joan Gaspar as, based on a practically non-existent shape, the textile looks after the light and provides different hues and effects that create unique atmospheres with personality.

Find out more in the following Marset video on its website.
Learn more about these fabrics on vertisol’s website.

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