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Stand de vertisol en la feria de Stuttgart

The next 26, 27 and 28th April vertisol will be in two leading fairs in the architecture and interior design sector: REBUILD in Madrid, and Hospitality Design (HD) Expo + Conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Sustainability, innovation, and proximity are some of the values to which vertisol is committed. We bet to sustainable manufacturing, assuming 100% of our solutions production, for a responsible architecture that respects the environment and people’s health.

REBUILD, transforming the building

After the success of the previous editions, vertisol will be on more year in the sixth edition of REBUILD. The event will be held again at IFEMA in Madrid. REBUILD promotes the change of construction model in the building. A transformation of which in vertisol we want to be part through industrialization, design, and different solutions in terms of sustainability.

In this sense, our prescriber, Maurici Casas, will participate in the event with the presentation on the WELL Certification: “Textile Solutions for a Healthy Architecture”. The worldwide reference certificate focused on humans health and well-being, recognizes the relationship between buildings and their occupants. WELL focuses on the design and construction on buildings with an approach based on the health, well-being and productivity of their occupants.

vertisolfloor vinyl flooring contribute to WELL certification in the air and mind categories. Thanks to their high level of indoor air quality recognized by the FloorScore® certification. Also, their antifungal activity. And which is a product free of compounds such as phthalates, formaldehyde, halogens, or antimony trioxide.

In addition to vinyl flooring, at vertisol we have more products that contribute to WELL certification. Such as EcoPlanet FR, EcoPlanet FR SRC, SeaPlanet FR, Planet and Pledge FR shade fabrics.

We invite you to visit our stand G748, where you will find the new 2022 fabrics for curtains collection vertisolscreen. Also, all our solutions for architecture: vertisolfloor vinyl flooring, vertisolwall vinyl wall covering, vertisolacoustics acoustic panels, vertisolrugs vinyl rugs, and vertisolupholstery fabrics. The colors, shapes, and designs we offer open many possibilities of inspiration for upcoming projects.

Check the REBUILD website to purchase your tickets. Register before April 25 and get a 10% discount. We are waiting for you at the vertisol stand G748!

REBUILD 2022 Plan
Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor Chroma Bronze
Tejido para suelo vinílico vertisolfloor Wicker Float

Hospitality Design Expo + Conference, a reference in the hotel sector

The prestigious Hospitality Design Magazine holds the fair that bears its name in Las Vegas, USA, the main event of the hotel industry. That allows you to interact with professionals in architecture and interior design and find new ideas, strategies, and solutions for projects.

At vertisol we export and work with projects in more than 70 countries offering solutions. In this case for hotels, especially vinyl flooring and wall covering. Which meet quality standards and adapted to the latest design and innovation trends, such as Soundless vinyl tiles. The vertisol presence at HD Expo + Conference allows us to continue expanding horizons and introduce our textile solutions for architecture in new markets.

At HD Expo + Conference you will find us at 4047 stand where we will exhibit: vinyl flooring, wall covering, vinyl rugs and acoustic panels. vertisolacoustics acoustic panels contribute significantly to reduce acoustic pollution, especially in diaphanous spaces generally associated with public activity, and generate the necessary acoustic comfort.

In addition, we will also present the vertisoltable line with tablemats and runners, designed by the interior design studio, Francesc Rifé Studio.

Check the HD Expo + Conference website to get the tickets for the event and visit our stand.

HD Expo + Conference 2022 Plan
Paneles acústicos TACET, diseñados por Monica Armani

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