vertisol, presenter in the Setmana de la Rehabilitació

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The Setmana de la Rehabilitació (Rehabilitation Week) will be held in Barcelona from 20 to 24 November, a conference that will deal with how to maintain and conserve the urban and architectural environment spanning several disciplines.

Vertisol, as a company invited to this conference, will give its presentation on the 24th at 12:00, dealing with rehabilitation from the point of view of textile sun protection using technical fabrics.

The circular economy, the fight against climate change or energy efficiency are some of the themes that will be developed throughout the week and how technology provides the means to implement them.

In this area, Vertisol has positioned itself as a company in constant innovation and which incorporates new technologies with regard to manufacture and design of sustainable products. Vertisol is a pioneering company in analysing the life cycle of its products (Environmental Product Declaration) and in the development of its materials in BIM format.

During the conference, Vertisol will present how its products contribute to energy and materials savings, to visual comfort and the health and well-being of people.

From the point of view of adequate material selection, Vertisol will present its certified Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze fabrics, manufactured 100% with recycled material, based on the circular economy concept.

The wide range of fabrics from Vertisol’s Polyscreen® brand allow it to select the best material for each situation, optimising technical and visual comfort whilst improving the building’s energy efficiency.

Both collections can be found, also, in the databases of software for calculating energy efficiency such as IDA ESBO or EDIBATEC.

Well-being and sustainability are two of the key concepts Vertisol will address during this conference, for which registration is open to the public after registering in the following website: