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vertisolacoustics Bloc: the most versatile acoustic panel

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De fondo composición de paneles acústicos Bloc. Delante una chica en una mesa con paneles acústicos en forma de triángulo encima la mesa.

With a focus on design and functionality, vertisolstudio, our team of designers, set out to create a versatile acoustic panel. We detect the need to reduce noise pollution, to achieve acoustic comfort, key to our well-being. And that the solution should also provide a high degree of design.

So, Bloc was born. Decorative acoustic panels with multiple possibilities, formed by modular elements. Designed to reduce reverberation, being the main design element of the room.

Bloc offers different shapes, sizes, and colors. The sound-absorbing panels can be combined with each other to create unique designs. They can be installed as a single panel or as a composition, adaptable to any wall or ceiling.

vertisolacoustics panels are Class A acoustic absorption products, with an alpha coefficient (αw) of 0.95. Thanks to their characteristics, they obtain a 0.90 in the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

vertisol x Antonyo Marest

Bloc acoustic panels are the protagonists in vertisol’s collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist, Antonyo Marest. Influenced by Art Deco, the Spanish artist shows the customization capacity of our fabrics through digital latex printing.

The collection designed by Marest mixes unique design pieces, Registros, open series designs, Patterns, and a unique piece based on a composition of 16 acoustic panels of different formats, Fractions.

Fractions is the final work that exemplifies the compositional capacity between different panels, and the customization potential of fabrics.

Composición de 16 paneles acústicos Bloc diseñado por Antonyo Marest

In addition to the collaboration with Marest, we work closely with external designers to turn their ideas into reality, contributing our know-how about the material and processes. The result of these collaborations, in acoustic panels, are Tacet and Plec, designed by Monica Armani and Odosdesign, respectively.

For more information, download the presentation of the Bloc decorative acoustic panels.

Download vertisolacoustics catalogue

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