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Vinyl Rugs vertisolrugs: shapes and designs adapted to our customers’ needs

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Vinyl rugs vertisolrugs is a design solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A finished product, resulting from our constant innovation in the use of new technologies and latest design trends, combined with our industry knowledge.

At vertisol we propose a total of ten standard sizes, but we also leave room for creativity, offering the possibility of requesting custom sizes up to 2 metres wide and 20 metres long.

Some of the main features of vertisolrugs vinyl rugs are:

  • Vinyl rugs with UV-resistant surface
  • Fire-retardant rugs that prevent the propagation of flames
  • Prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Appropriate even for radiant floors
  • Very easy to clean and maintain, even bleach washable

vertisolrugs are vinyl rugs that come in a total of 40 colours with different textures. These colours can be combined with different frame widths and colours or with a frameless finish. It is precisely this combination, together with the large number of shapes that can be envisaged, which makes vertisolrugs a completely customizable product that perfectly meets each customer’s needs.

vertisolrugs vinyl rug wicker design      vertisolrugs vinyl rug memphis design

Learn more about vertisolrugs by vertisol and make your own creations on our rug composer.

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