Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

vertisolfloor for offices

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor instalado en las oficinas Melar, en Malta

vertisolfloor for hospitality

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor instalado en el Restaurante Coque, en Madrid

vertisolfloor for home

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor instalado en una residencia privada, en Madrid

More about our vinyl flooring

vertisolfloor is a design and high-performance floor covering
Acoustic insulation

Reduces noise in any space by up to 15 dB, and the Soundless collection by up to 23 dB

Wide palette of colors and vinyl tile combinations. Create your own floor in our floor composer

A product easy to clean and maintain, it can be washed even with bleach

Free of compounds such as phthalates, formaldehyde, halogens or antimony trioxide. Contributes to the achievement of WELL certified



Starc Hotel Andorra – Floor covering

Anco Offices – Floor covering and acoustic panels

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor en forma de triángulos con la coleción Panama Tortora, Dos, Tres instalado en el City Mall de Tbilisi

City Mall Offices Georgia – Floor covering

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor colección Wicker, tonos Jump y Tan, instalado en losetas en las zonas comunes del Hotel Regent

Regent Hotel – Floor covering

Habitación del Hotel Boutique Villa Cettina con el suelo vinílico vertisolfloor chroma Parisian Blue y Pure White

Villa Cettina Boutique Hotel – Floor covering

Suelo vinílico vertisolfloor instalado en losetas de la colección chroma en una clínica en Grecia. Los colores son parisian blue, macchiato y ash

EAR Medical Greece – Floor covering


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Download vertisolfloor catalog

Download vertisolfloor catalog