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Decorative acoustic panels

“Alleviate, mitigate, make more bearable and attenuate”. At vertisol we are concerned about reducing noise so you can concentrate on your ideas. We have designed, produced and marketed technical fabrics for different areas of the Contract sector for over 40 years.

Our determination to create cozier and healthier environments for people, added to the excellent acoustic properties offered by our fabrics, has driven us to develop a new product range: decorative acoustic panels.


Why vertisolacoustics?

The noise caused by human activity is considered to be polluting and can cause stress, irritability, increased fatigue and loss of concentration.

Acoustic protection is a key factor that guarantees environments adequate to human well-being, both from a physical and emotional viewpoint. In this regard, acoustic panels vertisolacoustics contribute significantly to reduce acoustic pollution, especially in diaphanous spaces generally associated with public activity.

  • Panels with Class A acoustic absorption
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to install on walls or hanging from the ceiling
  • Very easy to clean using a damp cloth with water and soap
  • High resistance to abrasion and to friction, making it a long-lasting product.
  • Anti-mite
  • Composed of recycle and recyclable materials
  • Earns points for LEED sustainable building certification
  • Does not contain fibreglass
  • Phthalate-free product
  • Does not emit unpleasant odours or VOCs
  • Available in a large variety of colors
  • vertisolacoustics panel fabric is printable
  • Easily adaptable to switches and sockets
  • Product manufactured entirely in the EU

More efficient work spaces

In the case of offices and work spaces, it is important to use acoustic panels because by reducing ambient noise we reduce stress and, therefore, increase employee productivity.

Together with the acoustic properties of our panels, their technical features allow us to condition all types of spaces to make them more liveable, healthy and efficient.

It should be noted that, in addition to fulfilling their function of reducing reverberation, vertisolacoustics have excellent flame-resistant properties.

Optimum communication

Opting for vertisolacoustics panels means choosing comfort and quality of life. The composition of our fabrics, all constantly tested to offer the most convenient acoustic solution, together with the other elements that make up the panel, guarantee that they will improve the quality of sound and reduce the levels of reverberation inside a room.

High levels of reverberation can be annoying and even harmful to the human ear. Moreover, fabrics with sound absorption enable better communication and a clearer message. Improved sound quality allows better communication between people, conditioning spaces to make them more liveable, healthier and efficient.

vertisolacoustics Bloc. The new solution against noise

vertisol includes its most recent development to its solutions catalogue. Acoustic panels vertisolacoustics are modular and modulated elements designed not only to reduce acoustic pollution, but also to give the room a nicer look.

Bloc is available in several formats and adaptable to any wall or ceiling, vertisolacoustics panels are covered by vertisol vinyl fabrics, which are highly resistant to abrasion and easy to clean.

Acoustic panels vertisolacoustics have high acoustic absorption properties (Class A) without sacrificing their flame-resistant properties.

Tacet by Monica Armani. Architecture, design, manufacturing capacity

Of imposing proportions and with a sculptural appearance, TACET acoustic panels, designed by Monica Armani, do not go unnoticed. With elegant shapes and large dimensions, TACET not only improves the acoustic quality of the space, but also dresses it with art and becomes the protagonist of it.

TACET is a combination of elements taken care of to the smallest detail, from the interior material, the frame materials, to the vertisolfabrics that covers it. All these to achieve a product of great quality, aesthetics and functionality.

Plec. Divide, Customize, Recomfort

Plec by Odosdesign is a product durable in time that performs multiple functions in addition to the partition of spaces. With the PLEC acoustic panel system we seek to help the flexible partitioning of spaces while improving their quality and acoustic comfort. 

Last year 2021, vertisol won the Archiproduct Design Awards (ADA) in the Office category thanks to the PLEC WALL decorative acoustic panel, designed by Odosdesign.

We want to improve the acoustics of your meetings, help you personalize your space and keep your stuff. 

PLEC by Odosdesign


Anco Offices – Floor covering and acoustic panels

Paneles acústicos vertisolacoustics instalados en el Restaurante A Faragulla en Lugo

A Faragulla Restaurant – Acoustic Panels

Paneles acústicos vertisolacoustics instalados en el restaurante Ikoya Izakaya de Sagardi en Barcelona

Ikoya Izakaya Restaurant – Acoustic Panels

We could not do things any other way

vertisol started its activities as a manufacturer of sun protection fabrics 40 years ago. It is an activity that we have continued right up to the present day and it has allowed us to position ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We always follow the latest trends both in design and technology.

vertisol’s aim is clear: to guarantee maximum well-being and improve people’s quality of life by developing highly efficient yet ecologically sustainable sun protection fabrics.